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Electronic price tags (Electronis shelf tags, ESL) - a modern system for managing merchandise prices based on electronic paper technology and a wireless infrastructure for transferring data from accounting to price tags.


First of all, to implement effective price management (the price on an electronic price tag can change within seconds), marketing activities, multi-currency and In-store services. The presence of electronic price tags on the shelves helps to increase the prestige of the store and eliminate reputation risks due to faulty prices of products.

Major Benefits

Always Current Prices on Price Tags
In the retail industry and merchandising, the moment that the customers encounter with price tags is as important as inventory management, shelving system, supply chain and price advantage. It is a great necessity to keep the tags on the shelves and stands up-to-date, especially since outdated price tags negatively affect customer satisfaction and cause various damages to the business.
Feedback Function on Price Updates
Thanks to the feedback function of Schuar electronic shelf label systems, all the price updates about the products on the shelves can be controlled quickly, easily and practically. Thereby, even in the periods that require fast action on price changes. price changes can be made and controlled without any problems.

Product Catalogue

You can reach the PDF catalog of our electronic shelf label products that we produce here.