Electronic Price Tag

Schuar Electronic Shelf Label Systems is a new branch of MicronLed that started its business life in 2014 and established with 100% domestic capital. It aims to overcome the deficiencies in the digital shelf sector and provide a price advantage to its customers. It provides services with its expert technical and operation teams. Offering innovative, all-purpose and useful solutions to meet the needs of the brands it serves, Schuar carries out all of the latest technology services it provides with its professional team. With electronic price labels that are offered for the customer that need to change prices constantly, it provides the most suitable solutions for the needs of its customers.
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Schuar is one of the brands that its customers work with confidently because of its innovative approach, service understanding that focuses on customer satisfaction and its vision that closely follows technology. Schuar always takes into consideration the compliance with legal rules regarding the use of digital price labels and offers highly effective and innovative solutions for different expectations and needs of its customers. Thanks to its sectoral experience and its benefit-oriented approach about label chance and label tracking, it meets all kinds of different needs in the most ideal way. With its R&D team, Schuar continues to design systems, processes, software and applications for new requirements every day.

Product Catalogue

You can reach the PDF catalog of our electronic shelf label products that we produce here.
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